How to Choose the Right Document Shredding Company to Hire

Paper shredding is an important task that your workers are responsible for on a daily basis. Through proper data destruction techniques, your business’s risk of a liability lawsuit is greatly diminished, and document shredding services take the time and hassle out of completing this task. With most paper shredding companies, your employees simply need to deposit their stacks of documents to be shredded into a secure, locked storage box. The data destruction company will then pick up the box and destroy its contents at a scheduled date. While the benefits of working with the right data destruction company are clear, you may struggle to find the right company to hire for this task. By reviewing these factors, you can more easily make a wise decision.

The Type of Shredding
There are two factors related to shredding types to consider. The first is the location where shredding will take place. On-site shredding is generally considered a preferred option. With this type of service, documents are shredded outside of your office in a shredding vehicle, and this decreases the chance of documents getting lost or misplaced while en route. In addition, the type of shredder being used is also important. Some shredders cut documents into long strips that may be pieced back together. Others pulverize documents so that it is impossible to reconstruct them.

How Pickups Are Scheduled
Your decision about which paper shredding service to use may also be affected by how pickups are scheduled. For example, some companies may only offer on-demand service, and this requires you to constantly monitor the storage box to determine when it is almost full. Others offer a monthly or weekly pickup schedule, and this may not be ideal if you have fluctuating shredding needs. The best company to look for is one that has multiple pickup options available to choose from.

The Cost of Services
The cost of services is another important point that may guide your decision-making process. Many businesses operate on a tight budget, and you simply may not be able to afford some services. Many are looking for the most cost-effective service that is right for their needs. By comparing the options available, you can more easily determine which shredding service is most affordable.

Selecting a company to hire for help with your data destruction needs can be challenging. Some businesses may choose to use a specific company for shredding services based on cost alone. However, you can see that other factors are important to review as well. When you focus your attention on each of these points carefully, you can more easily make a better decision for your business. For a better understanding, Shred-it has many resources available for reference.

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