How to Manage Monetary Issues When Buying a Home?

Buying a home is an emotional as well as uptight journey as each one of us dreams of buying a perfect and spacious abode. But the finances tend to give a bolt from the blue and the dream of purchasing a shelter is withheld. Hence managing money becomes the foremost chore when buying a home. 

Here are few tips you should consider for managing finances


Before buying any kind of property and landing on a conclusion, inspect the place properly. Details of the construction and materials used along with the detail of the builder should be researched. Surrounding area should also be checked.

The house should be well enough to meet your requirements and needs like the number of rooms, total area of the house. The best way is to first discuss your expectations from the property to the dealer and then going through the choices he offers.

Keep a check on the property prices as they are always fluctuating. Take a closer look at the real estate market and the price asked by the dealer to avoid deception. Real estate websites can also be checked for having a clearer view.

Save money

The most important as well as difficult task is to save money.

  1. Choose an investment you will be able to afford. Pay attention towards the principal, interests and taxes.
  2. Before buying a home make sure that your monthly payments should not be more than 30-40% of your salary.
  3. Pay down your debts if you have any and avoid new ones.
  4. The prices vary from locations hence don't be lured by a specific locality, if required be ready to purchase one in a peripheral location. Always use a competent real estate agent such as Slavens & Associates who can answer your questions about locality and any expected changes in the future.
  5. Track your expenses and avoid extravagance.
  6. Start saving on a regular basis.
  7. Invest your savings in funds for long time goals.

Get information about home loan and the eligibility from the bank.

Emergency fund

An emergency fund is required before buying a property. The other expenses such as repairing, maintenance are not added in the cost of the house and henceforth you should have enough money to spend on such matter.

Second opinion

After going through every factor and before finalizing take a second opinion.  We often tend to overlook the issues while scrutinizing. In that case bring your friend or relative with you as they might be able to spot out the issues which you overlooked.


The details of the Insurance policy should also be checked beforehand. Don't go for the cheapest policy but the one that will benefit you the most. Go for quality of the policy. Calculate the actual value of the house and insure it accordingly.

Negotiate for mortgage rates

Shop around for best mortgage rates available in the market and choose one wisely. Don't rush things and make sure that the prices are not too high.

Seek a lawyer

Before signing any mortgage or sale agreement, seek the help of a lawyer. Understand all the legal issues and check the lawyer's fees. 

By performing above mentioned steps, you’ll be able to channelize your money in the best possible way for your home.

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