Is Your Server Hack Proof – Top 4 Server Hacks That You Should Be Aware Of

Anyone who has the minimal knowledge of computer has come across the term hacking. In layman’s term, hacking is gaining illegal access to any resource which is connected to the Internet. Whatever the hacker does once the access and control is gained differentiates the type of hacking.

Whitehat hacking is the ethical hacking which is done to expose the flaws in the security of any website or web server. This is done to further strengthen the security and is, in most cases, authorized by the owner of the website or server.

Blackhat hacking, on the other hand, is the unauthorized hacking of any website or web server and causing loss or damage to those associated with the website.

Believe it or not, even in the 21st century, hacking can be a child’s play. One might simply hack a website or web server for fun. Even with heightened security there are scopes that can be exploited by a novice. It is important that you know about some of these basic hacks and take preventive measures to secure your web server. When possible, always use the services of a up to date expert like BlueCat instead of trying to prevent hacks yourself.

Most common and easiest hacking techniques

DNS Server Protection

It is imperative that you take DNS protection seriously. There are many modern means of thwarting such attacks. One of the simplest ways is to use a DNS firewall. It is a specifically built firewall which will identify and prevent any attack through suspicious activity detection method. IPv6 adoption is also a means of securing the server. However, the adoption will have to be global for this to be effective. Small steps make major differences. It is important that you take your steps today.

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