Wayfinding Technology: What Is It And Where It Can Be Used?

First off let’s start with what is ‘Wayfinding Technology’ 

In simple words, this technology is based on finding the places. It is knowing where you are in a building, knowing what your desired location is, and knowing how you are going to get to the desired place. 

This technology not only helps the user to save time which otherwise he would have spent on looking for the destination it also helps to keep the environment green. 

Some studies suggest that 30% of the traffic is due to the people looking for parking spots, hence with the help of the Wayfinding Technologies, this number can be brought down as the driver would already know where to go before even setting out for the destination.

A good wayfinding technology provides very strong indicators for guiding user from his current location to the desired destination. This technology not only benefits the users but it can also be very beneficial for many businesses and can substantially improve their revenue. If it is easy for drivers to find, enter, and exit your facility, you will attract a much greater number of repeat customers. 

These wayfinding technologies also displace the previous wayfinding costs such as physical printed maps and signs, which have to be restocked and/or updated periodically. These technologies are quite cost effective even in the initial stages and once they are up and running, and the map and route data has been populated, even updating the signs or the data later is comparatively inexpensive, in many cases, automated and zero-cost.

Organizations running and building the shopping malls should take up the wayfinding technology from the very start as it would save a lot of resources and give a head start from other competition. With this trend of huge shopping malls that has hit almost every country in the world, people now tend to get lost or are not able to find the stores and a lot of their time is wasted. Because of the enormity of the mall we even tend to forget the parking spot making shopping in a mall a very tiresome and an irritating experience. Check out this ebook on how wayfinding technology can enhance repeat visits and total spend for shopping malls.

Using wayfinding technologies, which can easily be integrated with the mall app for mobile, a user can easily find stores and can easily mark the parking spots so the user can find it later. 

These technologies will not only guide you  through the mall but can also be used to keep the user informed about the various offers, discounts and useful information about the mall, and many other innovative features can also be integrated according to the need.

Other such organizations that can greatly benefit from wayfinding technologies are college/university. In today’s world the college campuses are like small town in itself and if people are getting lost in the malls getting lost in campus is way too easy. 

There are students who are not even from the same country so if the college campus is enabled with these wayfinding technologies students can easily explore and enjoy the new campus and get to know their surroundings instead of getting lost in the alien country.

According to me effective wayfinding technology is essential for every organisation - hospitals, government buildings, hotels, school, corporate and college campuses and many more. 

Custom Interactive wayfinding maps give the user a one-stop source of information. Custom build for the map allows more flexibility and range with respect to the design elements and the interactive content specific to the need.

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