How Leak Detection Systems Help in Mitigating Losses?

Amassing substances has been a tremendously common human trait since forever. Be it knowledge, wealth, minerals or other materials. With the concept of hoarding up substantial amounts, the problem of holes or leaks has also become widespread. Now this brings us to the point.

For, leaks can be disturbing affairs. Storing any resource is a difficult yet significantly important task. Therefore, it becomes all the more imperative to be able to detect and plug the leaks as soon as possible in order to avoid loss and wastage of valuable commodity and ensure judicious use of vital mass utility products. Without it, amassing any substance is an effort in futility.

Furthermore, in addition to the losses already being tolerated by the utility firm or individuals involved, the depletion of resources in a situation when the provided substance is already a leak management issue cannot be tolerated. It puts too much pressure on the natural reservoirs and makes it more of an exploitation project rather than ethically correct enterprise. In large facilities and water distribution systems, undetected leaks can impact operating expenses. Usage audits using advanced correlator technology can determine the size and scope of potential problems in industrial piping and complex projects. Pipeline inspection technologies offer unparalleled verification of containment sensitivity and precise location capability for oil and gas pipelines. It is easy to employ and can be used to assist existing pipeline integrity programs or as an integrity check.

Also, proactive leak detection on water, wastewater, and oil and gas pipelines is a vital part of any infrastructure management program. It allows the users to obtain a baseline condition of their assets, as many leaks often lead to system and equipment failure.

Therefore, to invest into a highly efficient leak detection system like FlexPak is an absolute necessity in order to mitigate losses and increase capacity and utility. Leak detection can either be done by periodically checking the areas and components of the system or by installing a commercially available leak detection device.

These can be of two types, internal and external.

Internal leak detection systems greatly help to check those leaks involving field instrumentation cures. This kind of system is used for standard safety procedures.

Externally based systems use local sensors which are highly sensitive and accurate but system cost and complexity is very high due to which viability sometimes becomes an issue. Also, due to these factors, its applications are also limited to high risk areas and places hard to reach any other way.

These days, the principle of "Leak Detection without Destruction", can help save resources, time, and money by incurring minimal disruption to the property. Understanding leak detection and the factors which cause these events is a science and there are various facets to it including surveying and pinpointing.

And when you have a complex system at your hands, accurate and precision diagnosis, quick response times, highly trained and experienced technicians as well as comprehensive cost effective solutions are required and leak detection systems in these situations more than meet the requirements of the job at hand.

Leaks mean the loss of resource. And loss of resource means loss of capital. So, there is no way that these leaks can be allowed to fester or be ignored. Leak detection systems help make the storage units secure as well as provide a regular report of the working and the condition of the units in service.

So, to have an efficient working paraphernalia, leak detection systems are the need of the hour and it is a bare necessity for any and every setup around.

Importance and Dynamics of an Efficient Roadmap in Project Development

Road map, going by its definition, is a documented strategy created before the initiation of a project. Various strategies that are supposed to be incorporated are showcased in a roadmap. Many factors like, time, inflow and out flow of capital, resources etc are integral part of the roadmap design. Going by its purpose, it has various forms and types, depending on the structure of the work. Agile roadmap, product road map and visual roadmaps are some of its kind.

Perfect management is the key to success of any initiative. Now to achieve an efficient management system, various tools come into play. Among them Product mapping is one of the tool. A product road map brings the entire strategy of the project to one table. It involves input from every division related with the product. It includes the sales and support team the customer, production house and others. The whole process is a step by step process, keeping the goals in mind. Throughout the road map, the steps are all prioritizes. If the situation demands the steps are changed. Providers like RoadMunk offers highly customizable roadmaps that gives a great deal of flexibility for whatever your project needs. It includes detailed features, trouble shooting areas and the initiative to be taken. Whole the roadmap is designed considering the entire team; transparency is the key for the successful execution of the product road map.

Quite contrary to the idea of long term planning and emphasizing on fixed goals, agile roadmap completely discard the idea of only one fixed dimension and predefined idea for the project.  When designing an agile roadmap, various market trajectories are taken into account. Also the variables are considered, like certain engineering constraints, miniature milestones and the time too is taken into account. The most important difference between both the forms of mapping is, one emphasizes on predefined goal while with agile mapping one can be more innovative. Both have their own benefits and losses. Which process to select depends on the pathway of the product, thus product oriented mapping decisions are taken.

Now the question arises, why an organization should invest their time and money, over the concept of roadmap. Considering a situation, when a process is at the verge of its completion, there’s no point in maintaining the roadmap. But considering the practical scenario that is not how it works. When a crisis arises at any point during the whole process. The only way to locate the root cause of the problem is, to navigate through the various interactions of the roadmap developed initially. It not only quickly sorts out the cause, but also characteristically helps one not to repeat the same anomaly again. Thus today various organizations spend lots of their money in developing an efficient roadmap. Also many online portals like and software is present to assist you in developing a roadmap.

Everyone wants to make the new big thing, but to do so quickly one has to be smart and with a little investment on construction of roadmaps, the goal is achievable. Thus with technology embedded in our hands, let’s make proper use of it.

Is Your Server Hack Proof – Top 4 Server Hacks That You Should Be Aware Of

Anyone who has the minimal knowledge of computer has come across the term hacking. In layman’s term, hacking is gaining illegal access to any resource which is connected to the Internet. Whatever the hacker does once the access and control is gained differentiates the type of hacking.

Whitehat hacking is the ethical hacking which is done to expose the flaws in the security of any website or web server. This is done to further strengthen the security and is, in most cases, authorized by the owner of the website or server.

Blackhat hacking, on the other hand, is the unauthorized hacking of any website or web server and causing loss or damage to those associated with the website.

Believe it or not, even in the 21st century, hacking can be a child’s play. One might simply hack a website or web server for fun. Even with heightened security there are scopes that can be exploited by a novice. It is important that you know about some of these basic hacks and take preventive measures to secure your web server. When possible, always use the services of a up to date expert like BlueCat instead of trying to prevent hacks yourself.

Most common and easiest hacking techniques

  • DDoS – DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. This is one of the easiest hacks of all. DNS or Domain Name System, which forms the backbone of Internet communication, is one of the most vulnerable targets. Domain names were introduced to make it easy for general users to remember the website addresses. Website addresses that the network understands comprise of a series of digits. Depending upon whether it is IPv4 or IPv6 protocol that is being followed, the address will comprise of varying set of numbers. However, it is impossible to remember this set of number. Thus domain names were introduced which will refer to the website. The domain name server is the dictionary that has the names along with the respective IP address noted for reference. In DDoS attack, the simplest form of attack is sending high volume of request to the server within a very short duration of time. This will create a bottleneck and make the server unavailable to other users. Another trick used by advanced hackers is engaging the internal resources of the server carry out requests in loop making them unavailable to handle external requests from other users.
  • DNS Cache Poisoning – DNS Cache Poisoning is another highly malicious attack. Unlike the one above it does not make the server unavailable. It actually poisons the DNS directory so that any request to visit the original website will be routed to a rogue site controlled by the hacker. This rogue site will have the exact same interface as the original site. Whenever a user enters confidential information like financial or login data, they get sent to the hacker who can use it for their own benefit.
  • DNS Rerouting – This is not as malicious as the DNS cache poisoning, however, it works on the same principle. The aim of the attacker is to take the visitors of a site to another site of his/her choice. The other site is not the same site as the one the users are trying to visit but might provide similar services. It is somewhat like hijacking the web traffic midway.
  • Execution of Remote Codes – This is security flaw which can occur on either the server side or the client side. Small snippets of codes are embedded on the server or the browser which can be used to extract information from the website illegally.

DNS Server Protection

It is imperative that you take DNS protection seriously. There are many modern means of thwarting such attacks. One of the simplest ways is to use a DNS firewall. It is a specifically built firewall which will identify and prevent any attack through suspicious activity detection method. IPv6 adoption is also a means of securing the server. However, the adoption will have to be global for this to be effective. Small steps make major differences. It is important that you take your steps today.

Key Benefits of Real Estate Consulting

Real estate is a huge network that has several different layers. The people that are normally involved in the real estate industry range in a variety of profiles such as:

  • Families or individuals looking to buy or sell their home
  • Builders, renovators, architects
  • Investors
  • Real estate agents

And the list could go on and on…

This is where real estate consulting can open up a window of opportunity that may be overlooked another time. With experts in the industry of real estate it can take your primary focuses and lead them to informed, effective decisions.

Real Estate Points of Consideration

Like any effective deal, real estate is going to be an area where information is power. When looking into a real estate property there will be a variety of themes that come into play that evaluate whether it’s a good fit for a particular individual. A few to consider would be:

Educational Perks

The location of a piece of property and the surrounding areas educational venue can contribute heavily in a positive or negative manner.

Crime Rate

While this is rather self-explanatory it becomes an even more important factor for families looking for first-time homes. Effective consulting leads to the perfect compatibility between buyer and piece of real estate.

Market Growth

Effective consultation can tell the buyer the best times to buy and what may or may not open up in the near future. Specific factors that a buyer may be looking for may be worth waiting for.

Market analysis tells a seller what their current home average price may be on the market, and grants insight for a multitude of possible options once that is laid out on the table. The same applies to being a buyer.

Maximum Sale/Minimum Purchase

A real estate consultant will be able to give you the direction to make a purchase for a most reasonable offer, and should you be in the position to sell, can give the proper guidance to maximize a properties value.

Sometimes this can come down to a few home improvements; other times it can be the very opposite and leaving the home as-is.

An Evolving Market

The one consistent statement about real estate is that it’s always changing. Values of homes and loan rates fluctuate on a regular basis. Trends change, buyers evolve, and it’s a never-ending rotation that can only be kept on top of through efficient study.

In addition to all these changes also come the specialty markets of FSBO (For sale best offer). This is an area where several different options are available from both a buying and selling point. This is exactly where the value of experienced real estate consultants come in. It’s their very profession that keep them on top of all the changes that can help you make informed, intelligent choices.

If you are looking into the area of real estate don’t make it a step in the dark, use the services of a professional consultant like The Altus Group to protect your money. For smaller investments that don't have the budget to afford a professional, real estate agents are usually knowledgeable of the area they work in who can provide some advice. You should also keep up to date with the latest real estate news. We recommend

5 Interesting MS Excel Tips You Didn’t Know

Ever since Microsoft rolled out Excel – the software which transformed the way spreadsheets were dealt on computers, there have been numerous new features that have been included in the updated versions. This has been the industry standard for over 20 years now, totally making the then favorite Lotus 1-2-3 go completely obsolete.

Saying you have mastered Microsoft Excel without having complete command on every intricate feature that it offers would indeed be very, very misleading.
Excel is much more than just a brand everyone is familiar with. It has substantial features that anyone can ask for in a spreadsheet.

Although it is impossible to list all the cool features it offers, here are 5 cool features that are worth mentioning:

1. Navigate Masterly

You can’t match the speed of a dexterous keyboard user in Excel with your mouse. Navigation using the keyboard is much easier and Excel provides some shortcuts for the ease of the users. You can also select datasets in the form of entire rows or columns connected to a specific cell where you want to start from. All you have to do is hold Ctrl+Shift followed by either up, down, left or right navigational keys. You can use Ctrl+Shift+End to move the cursor to the lowest right hand cell that contains data, with selecting every cell in between.

2. Flash Fill

This is a very handy feature that has been included in the newer versions of Excel. Flash fill helps the user to smartly fill a column based on the pattern of data that it observes in the first column. If you want to edit the way the numbers or text are written in the cell, all you have to do is start typing. By the time you finish the second cell, Excel would most probably pick up the pattern and modify accordingly. However, this might take longer if the patterns are hard to recognize. This feature works with numbers, dates, names, et cetera. You can choose the “Flash Fill” button under the “Data” tab and all your work will be reduced to half.

3. Paste Special

This feature saves the humanity from mind numbing toil of moving the data cell-by-cell. Suppose you have a bunch of rows and columns which you need to exchange. This feature helps the user to transpose the rows and columns of the selected data. Choose “Paste Special”, and check the transpose box and witness all the magic in a flash. Paste Special is also used to copy data into a different or the same worksheet with some specific attributes of the copied data.

4. Save Your Personal Charts As templates

It is very difficult to find the exact type of chart from the numerous default charts available in Excel that fits in your presentational requirements. Fortunately, Excel saves the user from the trouble of recreating the chart all over again. All the user needs to do is save his chart as a template by right clicking on the chart and choosing “Save As Template” option once the chart is perfected. Once the chart gets saved, the user can go to the “Insert” tab, click on “Recommended Charts”, and then the “All Charts” tab, and then the “Templates” folder. Once the user reaches the Templates box, he can pick the one to use and then click ok.

5. Hiding A Sheet

Microsoft Excel also offers a feature to hide the worksheets just in case the workbook you’re working on gets too messy. It might get uncomfortable at times when you have to constantly switch between two specific sheets from a bunch of sheets for reference purposes. You can hide the sheets which are not required at the moment rather than deleting them by right clicking on the bottom sheet tab and then choosing the “Hide” option. You can unhide the sheets whenever you want by going to the “View” tab at the top, choose “Unhide”, and select the sheet name from the list that pops up on the screen.

I hope this post helped you in getting better and fast with MS Excel. If you didn't know all these things, you can thank me and if you knew these things already, do share this with your needful friends!


Microsoft Excel comes standard with every Microsoft Office purchase. You can also purchase it stand alone here.

What Are Some Different Ways to Finance a Business?

When trying to start a new business, one of the problems that many entrepreneurs have to get past is coming up with enough money for startup capital. In this situation, some entrepreneurs give up after the first attempt at getting money fails. If you are interested in pursuing your business dreams, there are many different options that you could investigate for business financing.

Bank Loan

The first place that many entrepreneurs start is with a bank. Most banks have commercial lending departments that are willing to extend funds to certain business ventures. In order to get a loan from a bank, you're going to need a very good business plan, and possibly some kind of collateral. The bank will also require you to have a good credit score, and you might have to guarantee the loan personally as well. If you cannot meet the bank's requirements, you will not be able to get approved, and you might have to explore some different methods of business financing.

Venture Capital

Another option that you might want to look at is venture capital. With venture capital, you seek out seed money from investors who have plenty of money to work with. Venture capitalists are either wealthy individuals or investment firms that are looking for businesses to invest in. They do not require the businesses to pay back the money in the form of a loan, but they do pick up a share of ownership in the business. This means that the venture capitalists get to share in the profits of the company going forward.

Peer-To-Peer Lending

If venture capital or bank loans are not an option for you, you might want to look at peer-to-peer lending. With peer-to-peer lending, you borrow money from other people who have a little bit of extra money to lend. Typically, this is facilitated by working with a peer-to-peer lending website. People who need money can fill out a request with the details of their project. The website will pull the credit report of the person who needs money and then this information will be sent to people who want to lend money. The website may then collect money from people who volunteer to lend, and then distribute that money to the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur will then have to make a payment on a monthly basis to the peer-to-peer lending website, which will be distributed properly to the various investors involved.


A relatively new option for entrepreneurs to raise money with is crowdfunding. With crowdfunding, entrepreneurs can solicit investors over the Internet on a large scale. For example, they could sell a certain percentage of their business through a crowdfunding website. Hundreds or thousands of different entrepreneurs could chip in a few dollars each, and they each get a small percentage of ownership in the company. Sites will be able to start offering this capability as of 2013, and many small businesses are already getting ready for this type of fund.

Overall, there are plenty of different ways for you to finance your business if you are just willing to get out and look for them.

Wayfinding Technology: What Is It And Where It Can Be Used?

First off let’s start with what is ‘Wayfinding Technology’ 

In simple words, this technology is based on finding the places. It is knowing where you are in a building, knowing what your desired location is, and knowing how you are going to get to the desired place. 

This technology not only helps the user to save time which otherwise he would have spent on looking for the destination it also helps to keep the environment green. 

Some studies suggest that 30% of the traffic is due to the people looking for parking spots, hence with the help of the Wayfinding Technologies, this number can be brought down as the driver would already know where to go before even setting out for the destination.

A good wayfinding technology provides very strong indicators for guiding user from his current location to the desired destination. This technology not only benefits the users but it can also be very beneficial for many businesses and can substantially improve their revenue. If it is easy for drivers to find, enter, and exit your facility, you will attract a much greater number of repeat customers. 

These wayfinding technologies also displace the previous wayfinding costs such as physical printed maps and signs, which have to be restocked and/or updated periodically. These technologies are quite cost effective even in the initial stages and once they are up and running, and the map and route data has been populated, even updating the signs or the data later is comparatively inexpensive, in many cases, automated and zero-cost.

Organizations running and building the shopping malls should take up the wayfinding technology from the very start as it would save a lot of resources and give a head start from other competition. With this trend of huge shopping malls that has hit almost every country in the world, people now tend to get lost or are not able to find the stores and a lot of their time is wasted. Because of the enormity of the mall we even tend to forget the parking spot making shopping in a mall a very tiresome and an irritating experience. Check out this ebook on how wayfinding technology can enhance repeat visits and total spend for shopping malls.

Using wayfinding technologies, which can easily be integrated with the mall app for mobile, a user can easily find stores and can easily mark the parking spots so the user can find it later. 

These technologies will not only guide you  through the mall but can also be used to keep the user informed about the various offers, discounts and useful information about the mall, and many other innovative features can also be integrated according to the need.

Other such organizations that can greatly benefit from wayfinding technologies are college/university. In today’s world the college campuses are like small town in itself and if people are getting lost in the malls getting lost in campus is way too easy. 

There are students who are not even from the same country so if the college campus is enabled with these wayfinding technologies students can easily explore and enjoy the new campus and get to know their surroundings instead of getting lost in the alien country.

According to me effective wayfinding technology is essential for every organisation - hospitals, government buildings, hotels, school, corporate and college campuses and many more. 

Custom Interactive wayfinding maps give the user a one-stop source of information. Custom build for the map allows more flexibility and range with respect to the design elements and the interactive content specific to the need.

How to Manage Monetary Issues When Buying a Home?

Buying a home is an emotional as well as uptight journey as each one of us dreams of buying a perfect and spacious abode. But the finances tend to give a bolt from the blue and the dream of purchasing a shelter is withheld. Hence managing money becomes the foremost chore when buying a home. 

Here are few tips you should consider for managing finances


Before buying any kind of property and landing on a conclusion, inspect the place properly. Details of the construction and materials used along with the detail of the builder should be researched. Surrounding area should also be checked.

The house should be well enough to meet your requirements and needs like the number of rooms, total area of the house. The best way is to first discuss your expectations from the property to the dealer and then going through the choices he offers.

Keep a check on the property prices as they are always fluctuating. Take a closer look at the real estate market and the price asked by the dealer to avoid deception. Real estate websites can also be checked for having a clearer view.

Save money

The most important as well as difficult task is to save money.

  1. Choose an investment you will be able to afford. Pay attention towards the principal, interests and taxes.
  2. Before buying a home make sure that your monthly payments should not be more than 30-40% of your salary.
  3. Pay down your debts if you have any and avoid new ones.
  4. The prices vary from locations hence don't be lured by a specific locality, if required be ready to purchase one in a peripheral location. Always use a competent real estate agent such as Slavens & Associates who can answer your questions about locality and any expected changes in the future.
  5. Track your expenses and avoid extravagance.
  6. Start saving on a regular basis.
  7. Invest your savings in funds for long time goals.

Get information about home loan and the eligibility from the bank.

Emergency fund

An emergency fund is required before buying a property. The other expenses such as repairing, maintenance are not added in the cost of the house and henceforth you should have enough money to spend on such matter.

Second opinion

After going through every factor and before finalizing take a second opinion.  We often tend to overlook the issues while scrutinizing. In that case bring your friend or relative with you as they might be able to spot out the issues which you overlooked.


The details of the Insurance policy should also be checked beforehand. Don't go for the cheapest policy but the one that will benefit you the most. Go for quality of the policy. Calculate the actual value of the house and insure it accordingly.

Negotiate for mortgage rates

Shop around for best mortgage rates available in the market and choose one wisely. Don't rush things and make sure that the prices are not too high.

Seek a lawyer

Before signing any mortgage or sale agreement, seek the help of a lawyer. Understand all the legal issues and check the lawyer's fees. 

By performing above mentioned steps, you’ll be able to channelize your money in the best possible way for your home.

How Would You Hire The Most Effective Local Movers

Moving from one home to another is an overwhelming adventure. As the reason may be exciting or even the new home is something you have already been eager for, the actual act of the move might be daunting. Luckily, when it is time to move and transfer your belongings in one spot to another, you can do so with assistance from local movers in Calgary. As you get the assistance you require, look at the following guidelines to help you find the best option.

To start with, get recommendations. Have you figured out those who have recently used a nearby moving company in Calgary? Ask them concerning their experience and learn more about the service which they experienced. When you don't know anybody that may offer recommendations, take your quest online. Begin by searching to get the best local movers in Calgary. Read any reviews you could find and discover more about the available companies.

Then, you could start contacting the moving companies that you want to discover. You may talk to them regarding their prices, the services they offer, and if they are available after it is time for you to move.

Once you find out about your alternatives and are prepared to select a moving company, you must learn a lot more. Prior to signing anything, you must discover which will be packing the boxes. Could it be you or maybe the moving company? Who must provide the boxes? How can your items be protected in the transfer? What sort of insurance does the organization offer? These are only a few things that you should learn so you may very well get more questions or concerns based upon your individual situation.

After you have your questions answered and so are ready for the moving process, you ought to adhere to the guidelines from the moving company. Aside from that, but you need to begin switching your address, having your utilities switched off at the old house and so on at your new home, and commence slowly doing everything that ought to be done as you move.

To conclude, hiring the most effective moving company in Calgary is a superb option. The process of moving could be very stressful, just make sure have the best in your community having your items from one home to another, the action of moving may be much simpler.